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Tools needed

Reinarman, Craig. 2012. "The Social Construction of Drug Scares." Constructions of Deviance: Social Power, Context and Interaction. 7th edition. Patricia Adler and Peter Adler, eds. Wadsworth Publishing. 


Getting started with background information

Wikipedia is a great starting point for your reseach. You can use it to help you create a list of phrases, people, organizations, dates, and related terms that can be used to search for information on your topic

Also, look at the References and External links section at the end of the Wikipedia entries for other sources.

Frontline's Social History of Drugs also has great historical information about types of drugs.

Search Wikipedia:

Recipe for a Drug Scare

This libguide will help direct you to information about the Recipe for a Drug Scare assignment. 

Recipe for a Drug Scare Poster

Recipe for a Drug Scare

Sample Poster

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