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MGT 550: Marketing for Managers: Help

Ask for help

You can e-mail all the reference librarians at

Required Textbooks

Kotler, P.J. (2009). Marketing Management (13th ed.). New York: Prentice Hall.



There are two major projects for this course.

First, you will write a 7-9 page research paper exploring, in depth, a marketing topic.

Second, working in teams, you will develop and present a comprehensive marketing plan for a new product or service.

Writing Help

Writing Help

The Writing Center is a great support service for students, which can help you improve your writing skills. You can also check out their pages on KC Portal and Facebook

If you would like to visit the Writing Center in person, it is best to make an appointment first. You can do so by visiting their website. However, walk-ins are also welcome!

To get feedback on your writing, you can e-mail your paper to the Writing Center at

Your corrected paper will be returned via e-mail usually within 24 hours during the week. However, you will need to allow 48 hours on the weekend, since they are not open during the weekend.

You can call the Writing Center at this number: 315-279-5108

If you need extra help with your formatting and citations, you can also email the librarians at for guidance.

Subject Guide

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