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ENG 110 / ENG 112: College English - Fall 2019: Identifying Keywords

Identifying Keywords

Once you have a topic in mind, it is time to start identifying keywords and phrases that describe your topic.  The terms that you come up with can be used to search in the online catalog as well as the library's online databases. For example:  

Research question:  Are safe injection sites a good response to the opioid crisis?

Identify the most important concepts in your question:  Safe Injection sites - opioid crisis

Brainstorm alternate keywords and phrases.

  • Opioids - Drugs - Opiates - Heroin
  • Abuse
  • Safe injection site - Supervised injection facility


Strategies for Identifying Keywords

If you are having trouble coming up with search terms, see a reference librarian who can help you find the best terms to use to find the information you need to write your paper.

Following are some other strategies for coming up with keywords:

  • Look at your textbook, a periodical article, or an encyclopedia
  • Look for keywords in your search results in the online catalog and article databases:
    • Subject heading fields
    • Abstracts of articles often have lists of keywords or descriptors
  • Look at the database thesaurus or list of subject terms
  • Check out the Library of Congress Subject Headings for ideas.  These volumes are located at the Reference Des‚Äčk.


Reference Librarian

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