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Information Resources for CPS Instructors: Library Sessions in Your Class

Overview of library resources for CPS faculty

Travel and/or Teleconference

I can travel to visit your class or even do a teleconference!

Part of my job is to travel out to the various campuses/locations for CPS and provide library instruction for you and your students. I do this upon your request, so please feel free to reach out to me and ask! I am not limited by distance, so even if you are Watertown, I can come and visit you!

Note: It may be possible and preferable to arrange a visit by teleconference instead of in-person. In order to do this, we would have to make sure you have access to the technology necessary at your site.

I am happy to create new instructional materials, such as online tutorials, handouts, and presentation materials for library instruction sessions. Depending on the request, I may need extra time to fulfill such requests.

After the session, I will provide an opportunity for both you and your students to give feedback about the session, which helps me to improve my instruction design and delivery.

How to Set Up a Library Session for Your Class

Here's the best way to set up a library session for your class:

  • Email me and let me know the time and date you would like to have the session. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks to allow me to plan my schedule for travel and prepare for the session accordingly.
  • Include the Cohort Number, Course Number, and the estimated number of students in the class
  • Let me know if there is a time limit for the session or if I can take as long as needed. I usually take around an hour.
  • Provide a cell phone number where I can reach you during class time in case I am delayed or cannot find the class's location.
  • Tell me what you would like me to cover for the session: basic library skills, search tips & tricks, database navigation, understanding and evaluating different types of information sources, avoiding plagiarism, APA format & citation, or perhaps there is another topic you would like me to cover. It always helps if you send me the syllabus so I have a better idea of what the students' immediate research needs are going to be.

AOE Librarian

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