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Information Resources for AOE Students: Finding Books & Ebooks

The purpose of this guide is to introduce CPS students to navigation of Lightner Library resources and to provide research tutorials.

Books for AOE Students

Books for AOE Students

Most of your assignments in the AOE program will not require library books. However, for a longer research project, you may want to have books as well as articles for your research sources. Books tend to cover broader topics than articles. You will likely not read the entire book, but you may use certain chapters which cover the specific topic you are researching.

1. Start with Ebooks

Since many of you live far away from the library, we recommend you search in our Ebsco Ebook Collection first. Ebooks can be read right away using your computer.

2. Then Search the Library Catalog

After you have exhausted the ebooks available from Ebsco, then try searching our Library Catalog. We can send them to your home address using our Interlibrary Loan system. It takes about 1 week.

3. If the previous steps failed, search for the book elsewhere and request it on interlibrary loan.

If you find a book on WorldCat, Amazon or elsewhere that we do not own, you can request the item on Interlibrary Loan. Please allow 2 weeks for those to arrive.

See the slides below for step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on how to find books.

Find a Book or DVD Owned by Lightner Library

Look for Books and DVDs Owned by Lightner Library

To find books and DVDs in Lightner Library, use our Polaris Online Library Catalog

The search results will show you all the titles that matched your search. You can then click on any title to see more information. The results will tell you if the book is checked out or if it is available.

If the book is a Reference book, we cannot send it to you. Otherwise, we can. Request it on interlibrary loan to have it mailed directly to your home address.

If the DVD is an Entertainment DVD, we cannot send it to you. Otherwise, we can. Request it on interlibrary loan to have it mailed directly to your home address.

Search catalog for:

Finding Books at Other Libraries

Look for Books Owned by Other Libraries

If you want to check and see how many other libraries across the nation have the item you are looking for, you can try searching for it in WorldCat.

This will give you an idea of how easy it will be for us to retrieve it for you on Interlibrary Loan. However, you are not required to check WorldCat before requesting an item.

Note that there is a direct link to request an item in our interlibrary loan system (ILLiad) from WorldCat, so it can be a very easy and convenient way to request a book. Just click "Send Request to Iliad" from the details page for the item.

Finding Ebooks

How to Find Ebooks

Our primary database for ebooks is EBSCO Ebooks.

Search using broad terms, and look through the results to find the best book. You can then open and read the book in PDF or EPUB format. 

While you have the book open, look for the menu on the left. This menu will allow you to click to different chapters of the book or do a "search within" to find certain words mentioned throughout the book.

How to Access Ebooks

(including E-Textbooks)

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to access ebooks from EBSCOhost, view the PDF linked below.

Downloading Ebsco Ebooks

Some books in the Ebsco Ebook Collection are available for download.

A download provides access to the ebook offline (without internet connection). It is not necessary to download an ebook to read it. You can simply access the book via the "PDF Full Text" or the "EPUB Full Text" link.

If you would prefer to download the book for offline access, follow the instructions below.

If a download is available, you will see a "download (offline)" link icon. If a download is not available, you can still access the book on your computer through the Ebsco Ebook database.

You must log in (sign in) with the Ebsco user account in order to download a book. You can create a new user account by clicking on the "sign in" link, then the "create new account" link.

In order to download eBooks, Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.1 or higher must be installed on your computer or mobile device. You will also need to register for an Adobe ID (if you do not yet have one).  Adobe Digital Editions is available for download here.

Once a book is downloaded, it is checked out for two weeks. It will appear on your Adobe Digital Editions bookshelf (after signing in with your Adobe ID).

Instruction links for downloading Ebooks are provided below.

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