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NUR 415: Community Health Nursing: Trusted Websites


When you search the Web with Google, Wikipedia will often be your first hit. Wikipedia is useful for finding background information. However, it is NOT an acceptable source for college level research.

Evaluating Websites

If you do your own web surfing and find a website, be sure to apply the CRAAP test before using the site in your paper.

Have you found a good site that is not listed? Let me know.

Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report: MMWR

On the home page you will see "This Week in MMWR" and the date of the current weekly report. The website gives a summary of one of the articles in the weekly report. To download the entire weekly report, look for DOWNLOAD ISSUE at the end of the summary.

CDC Media Relations

The CDC Media Relations website is your connection to CDC news. This site has links to current press releases from the CDC.

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