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ENG 110 / ENG 112: College English - Fall 2019: Find a Journal Title

Using Find a Journal Title to Find a Specific Article

Using Find a Journal Title to Find a Specific Article

Do you need to find a required article in a specific journal? Or perhaps you found a citation in a references list and you want to read the article cited?

Here is what you will need to know (compare with the example citation below):

  • The article title
  • The journal title
  • The year of publication
  • The volume number
  • The issue number



1. The first step is to go to Find a Journal Title and search for (you guessed it) the journal title. In the example above, the journal title is Deviant Behavior.

In our example search, you can see that Deviant Behavior is carried by only one of our databases, Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text. You will also notice that the database carries the following years in full text: 1999 to 18 months ago

The next steps depend upon whether you want to search for your article by volume/issue number or by the article title.
Click the headings below for the instructions pertaining to your situation.


Search for your article by the title

Search for your article by volume and issue number

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