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Nursing Resources: Websites


A Google search will often give you Wikipedia as your first hit. Wikipedia is similar to a general encyclopedia such as World Book and is a great resource for finding background information on a topic.

Search Wikipedia:


You can find some great articles in Google Scholar, but some of those great articles might not be free. This is the time to use interlibrary loan. Never pay for access to a full text article. First, check our databases and if all else fails, request it through ILL!

Google Scholar Search

Evaluating Websites

Almost anyone can publish their own web page, so if you do your own web surfing and find a "good" website, be sure to apply the CRAAP test before using it in your paper. 



Citing a Website

If you are citing a website from a business, an organization or a government agency, unless you can find a person's name, the author is the business, organization or agency. The publication date is often found at the very bottom of the home page. For help with citing, try using KnightCite. Take a look at this short video that walks you through doing a citation for a web document on the Centers for Disease Control website. There is no sound, just follow the cursor!
After you create the citation in KnightCite, it can be copied and pasted into your list of references. The in text citation is easy, it is (CDC, 2012) - always use the author and the year of publication. Never use the URL for the in text citation.

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