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Graduate Outcomes

Baccalaureate Graduate Outcomes

Commitment to diversity - role modeling the integration of values which respect human differences and are marked by openness, caring, and empathy.

Communication ability - proficiency in written, oral and computational communication with all client groups, peers, and the general public.

Effective thinking ability - use of creativity and critical thinking to enhance client outcomes across a variety of health care settings.

The use of therapeutic nursing interventions - client-focused actions based on scientific rationale and/or current accepted standards of practice that are executed to affectively and effectively benefit clients.

Commitment to experiential learning - the ability to integrate the ―knowing‖ of theory and the ―doing‖ of action to develop strategies for care-giving as well as growth in all areas of living.

Personal and professional development - the ability to articulate a plan for continued personal and professional lifelong growth that considers evolving social values in an increasingly complex global society.

Commitment to service (interpreted as service-learning) - the ability to engage in a selfreflective process in which the care provider and the recipient of care are mutually benefited.

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