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Passwords at Keuka College: Registering your Password

Keuka College has two websites to assist you if you ever forget your password.

What is a Keuka College Password?

All students, faculty, and staff members at Keuka College have a username and password that allows them to access their
Keuka College Email, Moodle, and Library Databases. 

Registering Your Password

This tool allows you to register your password and choose your security questions and answers. These security questions will help you recover your password if you ever forget it.


If you have already registered your password, you can skip this step
and move on to the next tab:
Resetting your Password

Registration Instructions

1) Visit

2) Enter your current username and password.

3) Click "Next"

4) Enter your current password again. Click "Next" again.

5) You will be asked several questions. You do not have to answer all of them. The system randomizes the questions you may be asked. You will need to provide answers to at least two of the presented questions. The answers must be different from each other, and each answer must be greater than two characters. When you are finished answering the questions, click "Next."

6) Since Keuka College's IT department took your email contact information from you when you first applied to Keuka, they use this for verification. You can change this verification email address if you wish. Do not change it to your Keuka College email address.

7) Click Next. Congratulations! Your password and security questions have now been registered.


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