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Library Research - Advanced: Using Citation Information

A guide how to find newspapers, journals by title, and citation information.

Using Citation Information

In the process of doing your research, you may come across relevant articles in bibliographies in the books and articles that you are using. The following steps explain how to determine if the library has access to the full text of the article. 

1.  Look at your citation and determine the name of the journal that the article appears in and the date of the article. In this example, the article is in the Clinical Social Work Journal, Volume 49, Issue number 3, Published in 2021.

2. From the library's homepage, click Publications

3. Enter the name of the journal in the search box

4. The results will tell you whether the full text of the article is available in print or online through Lightner Library as well as the published date range available. In this example, the article we are looking for is available in multiple databases.

Please note: this journal has a Full Text Delay of 1 year so the full text of an article published today will not be available in the database for 1 one year.

Click on a database link.

5. From here, you can either enter the title of the article in the Search Within this Publication link or use the publication date.

Click the article title link. 


6. At this point, you can read the full text or save it for further research using the tools.

Please remember to use the Permalink Tool rather than copy/paste the URL at the top of the page.

7. If the article or journal is not available, Interlibrary Loan is always an option