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Citation Style: APA 7th Edition: Title Page & Abstract

The Title Page

The Title Page

Your title page should follow all of the rules outlined in the Basic Formatting tab. In addition, it should be centered in the upper-half of the page. It must include the following information (and your instructor might prefer you to add more):

  • The full title of your paper in title case
  • Your name (First Last)
  • Your institution (Keuka College)
  • Your Instructor's Name with their preferred title (example: “Dr. Jill Smith,” or “J. Smith, PhD” or “Professor J. Smith”)
  • Date assignment is due, with the month written out in full (example: November 10, 2019)

See the example below (click it to view a larger version):


The Abstract

The Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of what your paper is all about. Your instructor may or may not require you to include an abstract, so ask them. If they do require an abstract, find out how long they would like it to be. Generally, an abstract is 150 to 250 words long. It is recommended that you write the abstract after you have written your paper. It's a good idea when you're first setting up your document, to include a placeholder page for the abstract on the 2nd page (after the title page).

Your abstract page should follow all of the rules outlined in the Basic Formatting tab. Left-align, but do not hit the tab key or indent in any way at the beginning of the abstract. The word "Abstract" should be bolded and centered at the top of the page.

See the example below (click it to view larger):

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