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Troubleshoot Database Connection Issues: Basic First Steps

This guide is for students who are having problems connecting to our library databases, especially when they are off campus.

Step 1: Where are you clicking?

Step 1: It is important to know which link on which page you are clicking.

The Library Databases are best accessed from the library website:
Here are some common places on our site that contain database links:

Step 2: Try more than one database

Step 2: Try another database. Find out if it is also not working.

If some are working and others aren't, make a note of which databases are working for you, and which are not.

Step 3: On or off campus? Log in Screen?

Step 3: Are you trying to access the databases from off-campus?
If so, are you getting the log-in screen?

Make a note of whether or not you are getting a log-in screen after clicking on a database link.

If you are, log in with the same username and password you use to log in to Moodle.

Are you able to log into Moodle or your Keuka College email account?

Do NOT use a saved password. Type in your username and password manually. Type in your username, but do  NOT add the part.

If you are getting a message telling you that you are using the wrong username and password,
see the library guide for resetting your password.

Step 4: Try another browser

Step 4: Which browser are you using? Try another one.

The browser is the program you use to access the internet.
We've listed some commonly-used browsers below, with links to download and install, if needed.
  • Microsoft Edge (comes automatically with Windows 10)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (comes automatically with earlier versions of Windows)
  • Safari (comes automatically with Mac / Apple products)
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

Step 5: Try a different device

Step 5: If you are able, try to access the databases from a different device.

If you are using your personal computer, try it from your phone, or tablet. Or vice versa.

Make a note of which devices worked and which ones didn't.

Your issue may also be caused by your internet connection. If you are connecting via a wi-fi connection at work, there may be a local firewall blocking your access.

Still Not Working? Move on to the next tab.

Did these steps not work for you?

Move on to the next tab,
Clear your Browser Cache.

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April Higgins
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Still Not Working? Move on to the next tab.

Did these steps not work for you?

Move on to the next tab,
Clear your Browser Cache.