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Troubleshoot Database Connection Issues: Contact the IT Helpdesk

This guide is for students who are having problems connecting to our library databases, especially when they are off campus.

Step 8: Submit an IT HelpDesk Ticket

Still need help? Submit a ticket to Keuka College's IT Helpdesk.
Here's how:

1) Sign in with your Keuka College Username and Password here:

(Did you forget your Keuka College Username and Password? Learn how to reset it here.)

2) Click the green button on the top, right-hand corner that says "+ New Request."

3) Fill out the form that is provided. This is a "Service Request" and an "Access Issue"

4) Make sure to include the following details about your database connection issue:

  • Your name and phone number (asked at the end of the form)
  • What is the web address or title of the page you are clicking from? (Step 1)
  • Which database isn't working for you? Did some work and others not? Or none of them worked? (Step 2)
  • Are you trying to access the databases from on or off-campus? Did you get the log in screen? (Step 3)
  • Which browser(s) did you try? (Step 4)
  • Did it work on your phone or tablet but not your pc? Or vice-versa? (Step 5)
  • Did you try clearing your browser cache and/or resetting your browser to default? (Steps 6 & 7)

5) Attach a screenshot of the error message you are receiving. (Click "attach" below the message box.)

Here's how to capture a screenshot.

6) Click "Submit"

For further help with submitting a request, see the instructional video below.

Contact the IT HelpDesk

To access our library databases from off-campus, you must log in with your Keuka College username and password. If you forget your password, you can use the Passwords at Keuka College Guide to reset it.

Still Need Help?

Contact the
IT HelpDesk

Call (315) 279-5217
Submit a HelpDesk Ticket at:

Reference Librarian

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Linda Park
(315) 279-5208