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Citation Style: APA 6th Edition: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use This Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for APA. This is where we put the answers to some questions we get asked often.

To see the answer,  just click on one of the questions below. It will expand to reveal the answer.

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Missing Citation Information

Missing Citation Information

Q: I’m using a section of a website for one of my sources. How do I find out who the author is?

Q: What if I still cannot find an author or a date?

Q: What if my source has no page numbers (like an electronic source)?

Formatting & Basic Rules

Formatting & Basic Rules

Q: What if we are writing the paper as a group (multiple authors)? How do we format the title page in this case?

Q: What if I include an image in my paper? How should I present the image and cite the source?

Q: What is common knowledge information and why don’t I need to cite it?

Paraphrasing & Quoting

Paraphrasing & Quoting

Q: What is the difference between paraphrasing and quoting?

Q: How should I format quotations?

Q: My professor says I am paraphrasing / quoting too much in my paper? I am citing everything; what’s the problem?

Q: If I’m paraphrasing a theory or idea somewhere in my paper that takes up an entire paragraph of text, do I have to put an in-text citation for the same source after every single sentence?

Tricky Questions

Tricky Questions

Q: How do I cite a source within a source?

Q: How do I cite a famous quote?

Q: How do I cite the results of an online personality test I took?

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