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Printing & Scanning at Keuka College: 3D Printing

This guide will take you through the basics of using Follow-Me-Print and the copiers/scanners for on-campus printing and scanning.

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Prints are sent to the DIMC (Digital Imaging and Mail Center) or through the PawPrints service. See the Professional Prints tab for more information about their services.

Further information about 3D printing at Keuka College:

  • The DIMC accepts submissions through the same KC print submission portal that they use for other prints. They are looking for .stl files primarily for 3D prints.
  • There is a free website to download .stl file models that are already created for you. It's called
  • The print center uses software called Makerbot to print the files. To design a model yourself, you have to download a 3d design program or app. Here is a list of free options.
  • These prints cost around $5 - $25 depending on size (and amount of material used). Students have to put money in a separate account from their normal printing account to pay for these prints. They should call the DIMC for more information.

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