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Printing & Scanning at Keuka College: Follow Me Print

This guide will take you through the basics of using Follow-Me-Print and the copiers/scanners for on-campus printing and scanning.

Follow Me Print

What is Follow Me Print?

Follow Me Print is a service that allows you to print from any on-campus computer to any on-campus printer.


How do I do a Follow Me Print?

1. Select "Print" from your application, document, or browser on a computer anywhere on campus. A printing options window will pop up.

2. There will be a dropdown menu which usually allows you to choose which printer to print to. Choose "Follow Me Print" for this option.

3. Choose whether to print in color or in grayscale (b/w). You may have to click on "Printer Options" to view this setting. This will determine whether you are charged for black & white (grayscale) or for color. (See "Cost of Printing" on the Welcome tab.)

4. After you click the "Print" button, walk over to a printer where you would like to print. Note that color prints will only work on color printers. (See the "Printing at Lightner Library" section on the Welcome tab to see where the color printers are located.)

5. On the right side of the printer, you will see an Equitrac terminal. Swipe your Student ID Card back to front with the black stripe facing up. If you can't get it to work, you can use the keypad to enter your student number instead. (If you do not remember your student number, you can look it up on KCPortal. It is on the home page in the upper, left-hand corner.)

6. Select "Print." (Button F1)

7. You will be taken to the next screen which asks you to select an account. You only have to select a different account if you have added funds for printing. To select a different account, use the down button on the right side of the screen.

8. Then you need to release documents for printing. You can press "All" or "Select" to choose individually.

9. The document(s) should start printing.

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