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Printing & Scanning at Keuka College: Printing from a Mobile Device

This guide will take you through the basics of using Follow-Me-Print and the copiers/scanners for on-campus printing and scanning.

Printing from an iPhone or iPad

Using Apple's AirPrint

Apple devices support a mobile printing solution called AirPrint. This allows Apple devices to print to supported printers without having to install additional software, or configure that device before printing.

To print from any app via AirPrint, select the export symbol and choose “Print.” In the print dialog, if it is not already selected, choose the printer named “followmeprint”. Log in with your Keuka College username and password. Select "print" and follow steps 4-9 on the Follow Me Print tab.

Printing from a Mobile Device (not Apple)

Setting Up the EveryonePrint App

Since Android and other devices that are not made by Apple do not have the "Airprint" capability, you will need to install an app called EveryonePrint. Links to download the app are below:

Once the app is installed, ensure that you are connected to Keuka College’s wireless network and navigate to the settings screen in the app. Enter under “Using Gateway.” Do not hit the discover button, instead hit the “Test Connection” button. Upon a successful connection, click save. Once your connection configuration has been saved, you are ready to print from your mobile device.

Printing with the EveryonePrint App

For Android devices, printing is only possible if the app you are printing from supports the “Share via” functionality, the “Open in”, or “Print with EveryonePrint” action.

So, for example, if you wanted to print a PDF document from your Android phone, the recommended method would be to open the document as normal, in whatever app you use to view PDF files, and click the “Share” icon. If your app does not have the Share icon available, the next option would be to find the PDF file on your phone, and instead of opening it with your normal PDF reader, choose to open the file with the EveryonePrint mobile app.

The above example shows how to print from a PDF file, but printing from Android devices will be the same with any of the supported file extensions: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, TXT.

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